Matched Filter Based Detection over Time Varying Fading Channels with Reduced Complexity

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Mohd Israil


Challenges in high speed data transmission technology over time varying fading channels is addressed in this paper. More precisely, the signal processing at the receiver side has to be analyzed for such systems, as it is well known that the mobile radio channels are characterized by frequency selective fast fading is typically introduced error in the received signal. Thus, the performance of the receiver severely degraded because of such factors. Specifically, this paper deals with the detection using a matched filter followed by low weight near maximum likelihood detector (NMLD) for the application of digital signal processing in outdoor vehicular radio environments. Nearly Maximum Likelihood Detection depends on the length of the stored vectors as well as depends on the numbers of the stored vector. In [1] complexity is reduced by reducing the stored vectors, in this paper same NMLD used but the complexity of the matched filter is reduced by some variance. Finally, the bit error rate (BER) is measured with signal to noise ratio.

Digital matched filter, digital signal processing, lightweight NMLD, radio physics, electronics communication

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