Analytic Solutions of the Rotating and Stratified Hydrodynamical Equations

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Imre F. Barna
L. Mátyás


In this article we investigate the two-dimensional incompressible rotating and stratified, just rotating,  just stratified Euler equations, comparing with each other and with the normal Euler equations with  the self-similar Ansatz. The motivation of our study is the following the presented rotating stratified  fluid equations can be interpreted as a well-established starting point of various more complex and  more realistic meteorologic, oceanographic or geographic models. We present analytic solutions  for all four models for density, pressure and velocity fields, most of them are some kind of power-law  type of functions. In general the presented solutions have a rich mathematical structure. Some  solutions show nonphysical explosive properties others, however are physically acceptable and  have finite numerical values with power law decays. For a better transparency we present some figs  for the most complicated velocity and pressure fields. To our knowledge there are no such analytic  results available in the literature till today. Our results may attract attention in various scientific fields.   

Mathematical formulation, conservation laws and constitutive relations, stratified flows.

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Barna, I. F., & Mátyás, L. (2021). Analytic Solutions of the Rotating and Stratified Hydrodynamical Equations. Asian Journal of Research and Reviews in Physics, 4(1), 14-26.
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