Theoretical Determination of the Mass Radii of the Nucleons and Heavier Subatomic Particles

Ikechukwu I. Udema

Page: 1-10
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Effect of Group Work in Addressing the Misconceptions of Light

Sangay Wangchuk, Tandin Penjor

Page: 11-34
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Characteristic Variation of Ground Heat Flux and Net Radiation at Tropical Station in Ile-Ife, Osun State, Nigeria

A. Usman, B. B. Ibrahim, L. A. Sunmonu

Page: 35-42
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Hawking Radiations of Kerr-Newman Black Hole in de Sitter Spacetime by Hamilton-Jacobi Method

M. Ilias Hossain, M. Jakir Hossain

Page: 43-52
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Effect of Time Factor on the Battery Voltage State of Charge from Foot Beats Piezoelectric System

Godwin Chukwunonyelum Nworji, Uche V. Okpala, Ngozi Agatha Okereke, Peter Uchenna Okoye

Page: 53-64
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Modeling the Distribution of Radiofrequency Intensities from the Digital Terrestrial Television (DTTV) Broadcasting Transmitter in Kampala Metropolitan; Uganda

Peter Opio, Akisophel Kisolo, Tumps W. Ireeta, Willy Okullo

Page: 65-78
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