A Primer on Weyl Semimetals: Down the Discovery of Topological Phases

Satyaki Kar, Arun M. Jayannavar

Page: 34-45
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Numerical Modeling of Photonic Jet behind Triangular Prism

Arnold Abramov, Yutao Yue, Mingming Wang, Zongyang Wang, Yajun Xu

Page: 1-6
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Measurement and Evaluation of Radiation Power Density Emitted from Mobile Cellular Base Stations in Abuja and its Environ, Nigeria

Ibrahim Aminu, J. T. Zhimwang, D. Adewumi, R. S. Ibrahim, M. Z. Musa, D. D. Matthew

Page: 7-13
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Analytic Solutions of the Rotating and Stratified Hydrodynamical Equations

Imre F. Barna, L. Mátyás

Page: 14-26
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First-principles Investigation of Structure and Electronic Properties of NiTe2 Fermi Crossing Type-II Dirac Semimetal

Muzambilu Saminu, Sofwan Ibrahim Saleh, Shafiu Ibrahim Musa, Gulzar Ahmed, M. C. Idris

Page: 27-33
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