M-Theory and F-Theory over Theoretical Analysis on Cosmic Strings and Calabi-Yau Manifolds Subject to Conifold Singularity with Randall-Sundrum Model

Deep Bhattacharjee *

Electro-Gravitation Simulation & Propulsion Laboratory, Odisha, India.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


String theory always comes with heavy mathematical rigor as it questions the most significant and impossible attempt to make a scale-invariant phenomenology between general relativity and quantum theory. Thus, steps have been taken to simplify the theory a bit thereby making it accessible to general yet enthusiastic readers of physics. However, as there is numerous mathematics involved in the modeling of this theory, thus, any chance to make a purely non-mathematical approach towards strings would prove vacuous and intimidating making the pathway of this marvelous theory chocked with unnecessary assumptions resulting in false analogies (or hopes) relating to this theory. Thus, where it’s almost impossible to proceed without any equations, we have given a few just to wipe out some logical confusion arising to the first readers of strings. Few necessary diagrams are included along with intense theory and least mathematics for making this significant approach of theoretical physicists accessible to general learners or readers.

Topics: Bosonic string theory, supersymmetric string theory, M – theory, F – theory, dualities and interconnectedness, viability, Randall – Sundrum model for tackling the hierarchy problem of particle physics, conifold singularities, Branes, Bulks, Extremal black holes, Ekpyrotic cosmology, topological aspects of Calabi – Yau (CY) manifolds, A and B models, Mirror Symmetries; AdS/CFT, cosmic strings, all in a way accessible to every reader.

Methods: Theoretical analogies, deductions, principles behind the origin, development along with the probable conclusion of this theory, the roots of its origin, the necessary difficulty for detecting those strings, and approaches done by theorists to work out the pathway of achieving Einstein’s dream of unification irrespective of several hindrances.

Results: String theory itself is not a complete theory. Rather it’s in the process of further development through the increment of time resulting in more applications of mathematics by developing or incorporating them in due needs. Thus, without stating any concrete results, the theory has been tackled in this paper with a viable hypothesis based on the current understanding, and previous attempts are stated to have been made for its success.

Keywords: String theory, brane cosmology, supergravity, randall – sundrum model, mirror symmetries, AdS/CFT

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Bhattacharjee, D. (2022). M-Theory and F-Theory over Theoretical Analysis on Cosmic Strings and Calabi-Yau Manifolds Subject to Conifold Singularity with Randall-Sundrum Model. Asian Journal of Research and Reviews in Physics, 6(2), 25–40. https://doi.org/10.9734/ajr2p/2022/v6i230181


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