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Radioactivity Concentrations in Soil Samples from Kandam, Gyalgyal, Burmawan masaka, Dinbisu and Giyawa Mines in Wurno LGA, Sokoto State, Nigeria

Y. M. Ahijjo, A. N. Baba-Kutigi, M. Momoh, A. M. Bayawa, M. Hussain

Asian Journal of Research and Reviews in Physics, Page 1-9
DOI: 10.9734/ajr2p/2018/v1i424626

Aims: This study was conducted in a bid to ascertain the concentration of NORMS in the soil samples dugout of some mining sites in Kandam, Gyalggal, Burmawan masaka, Dinbisu and Giyawa town in Wurno LGA, Sokoto State Nigeria. The concerns about NORMS radioactivity in the environment are frequently linked to natural radioactivity which is more of primordial radionuclides.

Study Design: A total number of nine soil samples were randomly collected for this study. The randomness was in order to represent over 90% of the sample population of different mines in Wurno LGA, Sokoto state for the analysis of gamma-ray spectrometry of High Purity Germanium (HPGe) detector coupled to a Multi-Channel Analyzer (MCA).

Place and Duration of Study: Department of Physics, Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto, Nigeria, between August 2015 and June 2016.

Methodology: The concentrations of the radionuclides (226Ra, 232Th and 40K) were ascertained through a high-resolution gamma-ray spectrometry of HPGe detector coupled with a Multi-Channel Analyzer, Centre for Advanced Studies in Physics (CASP), Government College University (GCU), Lahore, Pakistan. The activity concentrations of 226Ra, 232Th and 40K in the soil samples were obtained and used to calculate the radiological parameters ( RaeqHexHin, DAbs and Deff ) in order to assess the radiological impacts on the inhabitants.

Results: The mean activity concentrations for 226Ra, 232Th and 40K in the soil samples were found to be 58.34, 53.76 and 679.70 Bqkg-1 while the radiological hazards parameters revealed mean values of 187.55 Bqkg-1, 0.51, 0.66, 87.77 nGy.h-1 and 107.64 μScyr -1 for RaeqHexHin, DAbs  and Deff respectively. These were compared with the results of similar studies conducted elsewhere and around the world. It was noticed that 40K contributes the highest level of radioactivity in this study which could enhance the amount of background radiation received by the population in the study area. The activity concentration unveiled from the soil samples were considerably lower for 226Ra and 232Th when compared to the activity of 40K. The mean value of the doseused to calculate the radiological parameters calculations shows that an elevated exposure to radioactivity by the inhabitants around this mine is eminent. 

Conclusion: Cancer and various forms of ailment due to radioactivity exposure are further anticipated for the workers in the pits and the dwelling communities.

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Modulated Feedback and Coupling Time Delays, and All-to-all Chaos Synchronisation in a Network of Networks: One of the Simplest Cases

E. M. Shahverdiev, P. A. Bayramov, R. A. Nuriev, L. H. Hashimova, M. V. Qocayeva

Asian Journal of Research and Reviews in Physics, Page 1-13
DOI: 10.9734/ajr2p/2018/v1i424630

The study reports on all- to- all chaos synchronisation in a network of networks based on the Ikeda model. The study considered one of the simplest cases. It found the existence and stability conditions for such a synchronisation regime. Numerical simulations validated the analytical findings. The results can be of certain importance in achieving high- level output for the coupled systems and information processing.


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Shock Wave Interactions with Viscosity Observed after the Coronal Mass Ejection Activities Occurred on December 18, 1999 and April 4, 2001

Huseyin Cavus, Aysel Ibrahim Karafistan

Asian Journal of Research and Reviews in Physics, Page 1-11
DOI: 10.9734/ajr2p/2018/v1i424632

The release of magnetic field and plasma from the solar atmosphere (i.e. coronal mass ejections-CMEs and solar wind) resulting from solar magnetic activity can produce shock waves and geomagnetic storms. Shock waves are known to occur while the solar ejected particles alter from the supersonic to the subsonic regime. Especially, in the supersonic case for the flow of compressible gas interaction of shock waves with viscosity plays a key role for space weather broadcasts. Therefore, the major objective of this paper was to search the outcome of viscosity in the shocks subsequently detected after the CMEs occurred on December 18, 1999 and April 4, 2001 by using the previous modelling study of [1].


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Entropic Uncertainty Relations, Entanglement and Quantum Gravity Effects via the Generalised Uncertainty Principle

Otto Gadea, Gardo Blado

Asian Journal of Research and Reviews in Physics, Page 1-12
DOI: 10.9734/ajr2p/2018/v1i424634

We apply the generalised uncertainty principle (GUP) to the entropic uncertainty relation conditions on quantum entanglement. In particular, we study the GUP corrections to the Shannon entropic uncertainty condition for entanglement. We combine previous work on the Shannon entropy entanglement criterion for bipartite systems and the GUP corrections to the Shannon entropy for a single system to calculate the GUP correction for an entangled bipartite system. As in an earlier paper of the second author, which dealt with variance relations, it is shown that there is an increase in the upper bound for the entanglement condition upon the application of the generalised uncertainty principle. Necessary fundamental concepts of the generalised uncertainty principle, entanglement and the entropic uncertainty relations are also discussed. This paper puts together the concepts of entanglement, entropic uncertainty relations and the generalised uncertainty principle all of which have been separately discussed in pedagogical papers by Schroeder, Majernik et al., Blado et al. and Sprenger.


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Calculating Energy Levels in 25Mg/25Al Mirror Nuclei

Ali Noraldini, Mahla Bagheri, Saeed Mohammadi

Asian Journal of Research and Reviews in Physics, Page 1-5
DOI: 10.9734/ajr2p/2018/v1i424635

Coulomb Displacement Energies in mirror nuclei 25Mg, 25Al have been calculated using shell model code OXBASH [1] and compared with experimental results. The code calculations were done in the USD model space with the W Hamiltonian [2]. The OXBASH code which is based on famous nuclear model, the shell model, deals with evaluating energy levels in nuclei. A comparison had been made between our results and the available experimental data [3] to test theoretical shell model description of nuclear structure in mirror nuclei. The energy states of mirror nuclei are almost identical, except for the small effects due to Coulomb interaction where the symmetry in being broken.  Energy spectrum calculated with this code was in good agreement with the published experimental data [3].