Assessment of Radiation Exposure Level from Some Scrap Metal Dumpsites in Nasarawa State, Nigeria

S. S. Kerinja, U. Ibrahim, S. D. Yusuf, M. M. Idris, A. A. Mundi

Page: 1-9
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On the Magnetic Field Spectrum and Its Fluctuations in a Primeval Cold Plasma in Thermal Equilibrium

Francisco Caruso, Vitor Oguri, Felipe Silveira

Page: 10-21
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Investigation on High Velocity Plasmas and Field Aligned Currents at High Latitudes

J. C. K. Akhila, C. P. Anil Kumar

Page: 22-29
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Annual Effective Dose from Natural Background Radiation in Pokhara, Nepal

S. P. Gautam, A. Silwal, S. Acharya, B. Aryal

Page: 36-42
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Theoretical Reviews in Advances in Medical Diagnosis and Therapy: The Role of Physics Techniques

Gabriel Odeh Ankeli

Page: 30-35
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